ACE Marine Images Underwater Film Production

Film production is our specialty and with underwater video we really shine. We are a fully operational underwater film production company getting the job done from scripting to post production and everything in between.

We produce our own documentaries, contribute to many others, make promotional films and adverts, daily resort films of tourists on their dives and contribute our skills to several charity organizations.

Much of our work is done at the ACE Marine Images studios on Koh Tao shown here where we also offer underwater video training. In the image from the left are; Richie Kohler, co-presenter of History Channel's Deep Sea Detectives; Chris Clark, ACE Marine Images; and Evan Kovacs, History Channel's Deep Sea Detectives cameraman. The image was shot by our very own Andy Keeler after returning from the wargrave of the USS Lagarto in the deep south of the Gulf of Thailand. Chris and Evan were the deep tech underwater camera crew for an American production about the history of the Lagarto and her crew presented by Richie Kohler and John Chatterton, also of the Deep Sea Detectives.

So whether you are looking for specialist film makers with deep technical, high definition filming capability, or if you are interested in learning the ropes from some of the best divers, camera crews, editors and instructors in the world, you have definitely come to the right place! Our underwater video training internships aim to take you to the highest level and get you involved in documentaries right off the bat.